Compliance Framework

Knowledge Gate’s Compliance Framework is at the core of our operations and is ingrained in everything we do. All types of activities involving any form of information exchange come with risks of compliance-related conflicts. Conflicts could arise directly and visibly in the interaction between professionals and clients, but also more subtly between the professional and any of his or her current and/or previous commitments (be it with employers or other third parties). The Compliance Framework is designed to regulate (externally and internally) all types of activities in order to minimize risks of potential or actual conflicts that may lead to breach of any legal, regulatory, ethical, professional or other commitment.

The Compliance Framework rests on five pillars.

  1. External formal agreements: Professionals and clients alike sign formal agreements that cover every engagement and transaction arranged by Knowledge Gate. These agreements are legally binding and aim to facilitate a smooth interaction between all parties, while minimizing risks for potential conflicts.
  2. Internal processes & policies: Knowledge Gate has multiple internal compliance processes to minimize all risks of potential conflicts including restrictions around each project e.g. which professionals to involve, how to involve them and how to extract information. Knowledge Gate’s compliance team regularly reviews all internal and external information agreements, internal processes and formal agreements, to make sure all materials are up to date.
  3. Website information: The information on our website provides stakeholders with basic information and answers to some of the most common questions through our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page (see below). Please do Contact us should you seek any information you cannot find on our website.
  4. Trainings & tutorials: We continuously educate our internal staff and all new hires are required to undergo formal compliance training and testing. An external tutorial is also under development, to help guide you in compliance-related decisions.
  5. Tools & databases: Clients and other employers can also register in our Compliance Repository should they, e.g. have any particular constraints with regards to their employees partaking in interactions arranged by Knowledge Gate. We can also tailor specific compliance solutions to the benefit of our clients.


Q: Why can I not join an interaction such as a simple interview without accepting the Terms & Conditions (T&C)?

A: All interactions with professionals are covered by our T&C in order to minimize risks of potential or actual conflicts between any parties, directly or indirectly involved in the interaction. Please see Compliance Framework above for more information or Contact us should you have any additional questions or concerns.

Q: Does accepting the Terms & Conditions (T&C) mean that Knowledge Gate employs me?

A: No, as stated in the T&C, professionals can only participate in interactions arranged by Knowledge Gate as independent contractors. Professionals are therefore never employed by Knowledge Gate and need to obtain any necessary permits and waivers before engaging in any interaction arranged by Knowledge Gate.

Q: Why is my remuneration rate not included in the Terms & Conditions (T&C)?

A: The T&C is a standard document that we ask all professionals to accept prior to an interaction and no adjustments are made on an individual basis. As your remuneration is individual it is not included in the T&C. However, Knowledge Gate will confirm your remuneration rate separately in writing (via e-mail or via the Knowledge Gate platform), when scheduling an interaction.

Q: Can I ask my employer if I can participate in an interaction arranged by Knowledge Gate?

A: Yes. However, as stated in the Terms & Conditions, you cannot disclose our client’s identity or the relationship you have established with him or her, through Knowledge Gate.

Q: Could the interaction I would participate in be in conflict with my current employment?

A: It is of utmost importance that your involvement in any interaction arranged by Knowledge Gate does not give rise to any type of conflict with your current employer (or any other obligation to which you may be bound). All interactions with professionals are covered by our T&C in order to make sure no potential conflicts arise between any parties, directly or indirectly involved in the interaction. Consequently, it is ultimately also up to you to obtain any potential permits and waivers that may be required to engage in an interaction arranged by Knowledge Gate.

Q: What if I realize there may be a conflict if I engage in an interaction with a particular client of Knowledge Gate?

A: If you believe there is a conflict with regards to a specific client or interaction, you should decline to participate in the interaction. Please note that accepting the Terms & Conditions does not bind you to take part in any interaction.

Q: Are the Terms & Conditions (T&C) legally binding?

A: Yes, the T&C is a legally binding document and includes rules with regards to e.g. managing confidentiality also after an interaction has been completed. However, accepting the Terms & Conditions does not bind you to take part in any interaction. It is your responsibility to make sure you read, understand and comply with the Terms & Conditions.

Q: I am a lawyer, how can my participation in an interaction not be considered ‘legal advice’ (as prohibited in the Terms & Conditions)?

A: It is correct that professionals cannot provide advice and/or in any other way act as a representative of accompany related to strictly regulated professions, such as (but not limited to), financial, investment, accountancy, medical and indeed legal advice. However, this does not prohibit you from describing general market conditions or certain regulations or regulatory frameworks from a generic perspective.

Q: How can a client be the ‘owner’ of information I give them?

A: As stated in the Terms & Conditions (T&C), the client owns complete usage rights to all information provided by you during the interaction. As such, the client may use the information to fully suit their business purposes and does not have any obligations to you, Knowledge Gate or any third party as a consequence of obtaining information through an interaction arranged by Knowledge Gate.

Q: How is my right to confidentiality, as a professional, regulated?

A: Knowledge Gate has mirroring Terms & Conditions between all parties that regulate these matters. As such, the client with whom you are interacting is correspondingly bound by similar Terms & Conditions on confidentiality.

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